Swimming despite central line

Nearly 12 months ago I had a Hickman line fitted for salvage chemo aimed at stem cell transplant. I discovered afterwards that I shouldn’t swim or even splash around in a swimming pool with my grandchildren nor do exercise which...

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Looking after nails

Painting nails during chemotherapy When I went to my first chemotherapy session, the nurse looked at my nails and said: “You know, if you paint your finger and toe nails the darkest colour you can bear, your nails may not fall...

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Dental care

I happened to visit my dentist shortly before starting chemotherapy, so I mentioned this fact to her. She gave me a lot of good advice re mouth care and some special toothpaste to use all the time I was on chemo. As a result I...

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Coping with hair loss

Many people lose some or all of their hair during chemotherapy treatment. Hats, scarves, turbans, wigs – there’s a lot of choice, both to keep warm and avoid being stared at. Living Tree members coped as follows: Scarves and...

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