Painting nails during chemotherapy

When I went to my first chemotherapy session, the nurse looked at my nails and said: “You know, if you paint your finger and toe nails the darkest colour you can bear, your nails may not fall out.” Until that moment I hadn’t even known that losing nails was one of the side effects of chemotherapy.

So, although I am over 70 and was not in the habit of painting my nails on a regular basis, I went out to buy the darkest red I could live with and applied it diligently throughout my treatment. I was pleased when my daughter commented that it made me look cool and trendy.

I didn’t lose a single nail.

Commercial products available for nail problems during chemo

There are some commercial nail products available online for people affected by chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects but, being a charity, The Living Tree can’t promote these. If you are interested in these products, please visit and search for “nail problem from chemo” or click here.

Alternative nail care

My nails are dying and lifting on both feet and hands so am blending soaked almonds, blueberries & blackberries, carrots, to help restoration of my nails and taking some alternative capsules for that purpose. Having to wear cotton gloves to make sure infection doesn’t get under lifted nail and then waterproof ones when hands immersed in water.