Our Library

The Living Tree owns a number of cancer related factual books (including cookbooks), leaflets, information booklets and novels.

Our library is constantly added to. If there is a book you think is worth including into the library or you wish to borrow a book and can’t attend Friday afternoon meetings, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you.


List of books & other items available to borrow from the Living Tree library

AUTHOR(S) TITLE Category Secondary Category FORMAT
Ablin, Richard J. PhD The Great Prostate Hoax Info / Self-Help
Ackerman, Dennis Memoirs Of A Boy Apprentice Life Story
Adler, Elizabeth M, PhD Living With Lymphoma Info / Self-Help
Anderson, Greg Cancer: 50 Essential Things To do Info / Self-Help 2 copies
Aron, Bill New Beginnings – The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivor’s Life Story
Astley, Neil Staying Alive Poetry / Writing / Music
Aujla, Rupy Dr The Doctor’s Kitchen Nutrition / Cookery 2 copies
Ballentine, Rudolph Dr Radical Healing Info / Self-Help
Barr, Niki Getting Off The Emotional Roller-Coaster Of Cancer Info / Self-Help
Bays, Brandon The Journey Info / Self-Help
Beliveau, Richard, Proff & Gingras, Denis Dr Foods To Fight Cancer Nutrition / Cookery
Bell, Julia and Magrs, Paul The Creative Writing Coursebook Poetry / Writing / Music
Bernhard, Toni How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness Info / Self-Help
Bishop, Bernadine Unexpected Lessons in Love Novel / Fiction
Bourne, Nicola The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer Info / Self-Help
Braund, Jeni Heartlands Poetry / Writing / Music
Brueton, Diana Dancing With Cancer Life Story
Bryce, Celia Anthem For Jackson Dawes Novel / Fiction (young persons)
Bryson, Bill The Body, A Guide for Occupants Info/Self-Help 1xHB
Buxton, Nicholas The Wilderness Within Spiritual / Meditation R]
Chaterjee, Rangan Dr The 4 Pillar Plan Nutrition / Cookery Info / Self-Help 2 copies
Collard, Patrizia Dr The Little Book Of Mindfulness Spiritual / Meditation
Cowmeadow, Oliver Yin & Yang Nutrition / Cookery
Curie, Marie Talk About Playing Cards Info / Self-Help
Dalzell, Kim Challenge Cancer and Win. Step by Step Nutrition … Nutrition / Cookery
Derbyshire, Victoria Dear Cancer, love Victoria Life Story
Devlin, Naomi Food For A Happy Gut Nutrition / Cookery 2 copies
Devlin, Naomi River Cottage Gluten-Free Nutrition / Cookery
Downham, Jenny Now Is Good Novel / Fiction
Ducie, Elizabeth Counterfeit ! Novel / Fiction
Ducie, Elizabeth Deception ! Novel / Fiction
Ellis, Jan A Summer Of Surprises Novel / Fiction
Enders, Guilia Gut Info / Self-Help
Ereira, Lorraine Love And Wheatgrass Nutrition / Cookery
Ericson, Penny Chemo Cookery Club Nutrition / Cookery
Evans, Pam Dr The Cancer Journey Info / Self-Help
Feiler, Bruce The Council Of Dads Life Story
Figes, Kate On Smaller Dogs and Larger Life Questions Info / Self-Help
Fox, John Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art Of Poem-Making Poetry / Writing / Music
Freeman, Jane How to Eat Well When You Have Cancer Nutrition / Cookery
French, Wendy Thinks Itself A Hawk Poetry / Writing / Music
Galgut, Cordelia (PhD Psych) Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer Info / Self-Help
Gawande, Atul Being Mortal Info / Self-Help
Gawler, Ian You Can Conquer Cancer Info / Self-Help Nutrition / Cookery
Geiger, Chris The Cancer Surviver’s Club Info / Self-Help
Goodhart, F & Atkins, L The Cancer Survivor’s Companion Info / Self-Help
Granger, Kate The Other Side Life Story
Green, John The Fault In Our Stars Novel / Fiction (young persons) R]
Greener, Mark The Holistic Guide for Cancer Survivors Info / Self-help
Groopman, Jerome DR The Anatomy of Hope: How People Prevail In Face Of Illness Spiritual / Meditation
Grosz, Stephen The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves Info / Self-Help
Guntupalli.S and Karinch.M Sex and Cancer. Info / Self-Help
Guthrie, Catherine Flat Life Story
Haig, Matt Reasons To Stay Alive Info / Self-Help Spiritual / Meditation
Hallett, Annie A Far Reaching Thing Info / Self-Help Spiritual / Meditation
Hamilton, David R How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body Info / Self-Help Spiritual / Meditation
Hamilton, David R It’s the Thought that Counts Info / Self-Help Spiritual / Meditation
Haven, The (Publ) The Haven In Your Kitchen: Seasonal Recipes Nutrition / Cookery 2 copies
Hesketh, Robin Betrayed By Nature (The War On Cancer) Info / Self-Help
Holford, Patrick Natural Highs Info / Self-Help
Holford, Patrick Say No to Cancer (Drug-Free Prevention & Help To Fight] Info / Self-Help
Hutton, Deborah What Can I Do To Help? Info / Self-Help
Jackson, Rosie The Glass Mother, A Memoir Life Story
Kalanithi, Paul Dr When Breath Becomes Air Info / Self-Help Spiritual / Meditation 1xPB / 1xHB
Kelly, Rachael Walking On Sunshine, 52 Small Steps To happiness Spiritual / Meditation
Keshtgar, Mohammed Prof The Breast Cancer Cookbook Nutrition / Cookery
Kington, Miles How Shall I Tell The Dog ? Life Story
Lamott, Anne Stitches (A handbook of Meaning, Hope & Repair) Info / Self-Help
Langstone-Wring, Abbigail Holistic Health Tips Info / Self-Help Nutrition / Cookery
Ley, Rosanna Last Dance In Havana Novel / Fiction
Ley, Rosanna Return To Mandalay Novel / Fiction
Ley, Rosanna The Villa Novel / Fiction
Locke, Katherine Breast Cancer: The Essential Guide Info / Self-Help
Lymphoma Association Young Person’s Guide to Lymphoma Info / Self-Help (young persons)
Mackesy, Charlie The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse Spiritual / Meditation R] = review available
Macmillan UK Recipes For People Affected By Cancer Nutrition / Cookery 3 copies
Marsh, Henry (Dr) Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death & Brain Surgery Life Story
McGee, Robin The Cancer Olympics Life Story
McLelland, Jane How To Starve Cancer Info / Self-Help
Moorehead, Caroline Village Of Secrets Life Story 2 copies
Mukherjee, Siddartha The Emperor Of All Maladies: A Biography Of Cancer Info / Self-Help
Nagarsheth, Nimesh Music & Cancer: A Prescription For Healing Poetry / Writing / Music
Ness, Patrick A Monster Calls Novel / Fiction (young persons)
O’Farrell At Low Tide Poetry / Writing / Music
O’Farrell Here Is A Beginning Poetry / Writing / Music
Olifent, Robert Do You Want To Know What We Did To Beat Cancer Info / Self-Help
Olivier, Suzanna The Breast Cancer Prevention & Recovery Diet Nutrition / Cookery
Olmstead, Robert Elements Of The Writing craft Poetry / Writing / Music
Orchard, Anne Their Cancer, Your Journey … Info / Self-Help
Peat, Patricia The Cancer Revolution Info / Self-Help
Penman, Dr Danny The Art of Breathing Spiritual / Meditation
Penny Brohn Nourish: The Cancer Care Cookbook Nutrition / Cookery 2 copies
Penny Brohn Penny Brohn – 7 Day Recipe Plan Nutrition / Cookery 3 copies
Phillips, Jenny Eat To Outsmart Cancer Nutrition / Cookery
Pilkington, Pat The Golden Thread Life Story Spiritual / Meditation
Plant, Jane Prostate Cancer Info / Self-Help
Plant, Jane The Plant Programme Nutrition / Cookery Info / Self-Help
Plant, Jane Your Life in Your Hands Info / Self-Help
Pollan, Michael Food Rules Nutrition / Cookery
Porter, Max Grief Is The Thing With Feathers Life Story Spiritual / Meditation
Puett, Michael (prof), Gross-Loh, Christine The Path Spiritual / Meditation
Raynor Winn The Salt Path Life Story
Roberts, Emma Even Though I Have Cancer Spiritual / Meditation
Robinson, Jo Eating on the Wild Side Nutrition / Cookery
Rose, Sharon Looking In, Looking Back Life Story
Rosen, Michael Book of Play Info / Self-Help
Ross, Carol (Ed) Words for Wellbeing. Using Creative Writing … Poetry / Writing / Music
Royal Marsden The Royal Marsden Cookbook Nutrition / Cookery
Sabbage, Sophie The Cancer Whisperer Life Story Info / Self-Help 2 copies
Schmidt, Michael The Great Modern Poets Poetry / Writing / Music Book & CD
Servan-Schreiber, David (Dr) Anti Cancer: A New Way Of Life Info / Self-Help 3 copies
Shakespear, Liz The Poems Of Edward Capern Poetry / Writing / Music
Shakespear, Liz The Postman Poet Poetry / Writing / Music
Shaw, Clare (PhD nutrition) Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook; Recipes During & After Cancer Nutrition / Cookery R]
Sikorta, Karol The Streetwise Patients Guide To Surviving Cancer Info / Self-Help
Simms, Mark P.S. I Have Cancer Life Story Info / Self-Help 2 copies
Skloot, Rebecca The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Life Story
SOCIAL EMBERS CIC The Life File Info / Self-Help
Spengel, Jean E Chemo Companion Pocket Guide Info / Self-Help
Stengler, Mark (Dr), & Anderson Paul (Dr) Outside The Box – Cancer Therapies Info / Self-Help
Street, Annabel & Saunders, Susan The Age Well Project Info / Self-Help
THE LIVING TREE Book Of Words Poetry / Writing / Music
THE LIVING TREE Living Treats Nutrition / Cookery
Thomas, Robert (Prof) Lifestyle and Cancer – The Facts Info / Self-Help
Thompson, Kathleen (Dr) From Both Ends of the Stethoscope. Getting thro breast cancer by a Dr Life Story
Tooms, Chris & Harvey, Cathy Allington Hill, Bridport Poetry / Writing / Music
Tresidder, Andrew I’m Fine (learning to unblock your emotions) Info / Self-Help
Turner, Kelly A Radical Remission – Surviving Cancer Against All Odds Info / Self-Help
Unknown Author Grave Talk (conversation-starter cards) Info / Self-Help
Walker, J Cancer – Herbs in Holistic Healthcare Info / Self-Help
Walker, Matthew Why We Sleep Info / Self-Help
Warde, Fran & Zabilowicz, Catherine The Living Well With Cancer Cookbook Nutrition / Cookery
Waters, Lesley Deliciously Dairy Free Nutrition / Cookery
Whitaker, Agnes (ed) All in the End is Harvest Poetry / Writing / Music
Whymant, Paul A Poem To Inspire Poetry / Writing / Music
Williams M & Penman D Mindfulness – A Practical Guide To Finding Peace … Spiritual / Meditation
Williams, Mark Teasdale John, Segal Zindel The Mindful Way Through Depression Spiritual / Meditation
Wilson, Anthony Love For Now Life Story
Wilson, Anthony Riddance Poetry / Writing / Music
Wise, Greg & Claire Not That Kind Of Love Life Story
Woollams, Chris Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer Nutrition / Cookery Info / Self-Help
Woollams, Chris Oestrogen – The Killer in Our Midst Info / Self-Help Nutrition / Cookery
Woollams, Chris The Rainbow Diet Nutrition / Cookery
Wyke, Nick & Driscoll Becki The Songs Of Edward Cappern – The Postman Poet (CD) Poetry / Writing / Music CD
Yance Jr, Donald R with Valentine, Arlene Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer Info / Self-Help