Many people lose some or all of their hair during chemotherapy treatment. Hats, scarves, turbans, wigs – there’s a lot of choice, both to keep warm and avoid being stared at.

Living Tree members coped as follows:

Scarves and turbans/soft hats

I didn’t want a wig as I thought it would be too hot and just wouldn’t look like my hair. First time around I knitted pull-on hats from a simple pattern on the internet and turned scarves into turbans, long cotton/rayon ones seemed best for this as less slippy. Last year I was recommended an internet company which made hats and turbans to measure in soft cottons which are very comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, though looser weave beret styles seemed even cooler. I also need to wear a hat in bed to keep warm.

Cutting hair before chemotherapy treamtent

Before my second lot of chemo, I had my hair cut very short so that when it fell out it wouldn’t get everywhere. Next time I think I’ll have my head shaved to make it even easier – and maybe I’ll buy a pink wig! I’ve got less bothered about it all as time has gone on.


I was about to have my first course of chemotherapy treatment when I came to a Living Tree meeting and noticed other ladies who had obviously suffered hair loss.

Expecting my own hair to fall out, I asked whether anyone knew where to get a good wig. I was recommended a shop in Poole and was also told that it would be a good idea to buy a wig (or even two) before starting treatment while I was still feeling well. Taking a friend who I would be confident to give me an honest opinion of whether the wig suited me or not, was another tip I was grateful for.
You can find a very comprehensive guide on wigs/scarves and turbans here.