The Living Tree Trustees are currently applying to the Charity Commission to register The Living Tree as a charity. As part of that process, we are having to change the way our partnership with local therapists will work.

On 1 June 2019, the current system, whereby members received subsidized treatments from therapists on our Partnership list, came to an end. After this date, members will need to pay the full cost of any therapy they take from our Partnership until our new system is in place.

A new Living Tree Therapist Partnership is being created, and we hope that we shall soon have an updated list of therapists for you to choose from. Living Tree members wishing to use a therapist through our Partnership will be issued with a ‘Therapist Partnership card’  which will entitle them to six free sessions with a therapist or therapists (the card can be used for six sessions with the same therapist or with up to six different therapists). The six sessions must be taken within a six month period.

The cost of those sessions will be met by The Living Tree. The Therapist will send their invoice to us for reimbursement.  When the card has been used up and/or expired, members will have to meet the full cost of any therapies themselves.

We are asking for your patience while we process the necessary paperwork and hope the new arrangement will be up and ready to use shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please speak to Rita or Jo.