I’ve always been curious.
When I see the sea I don’t just see the water.
I love the natural blues and greens, the vast expanse of it all. The apparent endlessness.
Yet, I cannot help but wonder what lies beneath.

I don’t mean the weird and wonderful creatures that populate all depths.
We take those for granted.

No, peaking under the carpet does not reveal these natural wonders, there’s nothing here but rubbish.
Debris that we are leaving behind for future generations to sort out.

I wonder. If we could all lift up the surface of the sea and be confronted with the results of our actions, would we be more careful with how we dispose of things?

In the old days, people would look for treasure in the ever moving waves.
What treasure is there left to find now?
Well, you won’t know until you go looking for it.
Why don’t you walk on with me and see what we can find if we lift the carpet in the next bay?
Who knows, we may be lucky.

Mecki Testroet