“Stepping Out” is a safe and structured specialist exercise and education programme for people living with or beyond cancer. The course is run at Bridport Leisure Centre.

The exercises are designed for people recovering from cancer. They will be adjusted to an individual’s level of mobility. People can participate irrespective of whether they are still being treated or not. Apart from helping general fitness levels, all participants agree that the course is fun and social as well as educational. So please have a look at the brochure Stepping Out Guide for participants 2019 and contact Jo Perfect for a date for an assessment.

Taking part is a decision none of the participants ever regretted!

Feedback regarding the Stepping Out scheme


In 2010 when I was 68 I became aware of a lump in my neck, and when it was still there a week later I discussed it with my GP. This was the start of an investigative process that culminated in the news that I had Follicular Lymphoma grade one stage three. The news that I had cancer was something of a shock as I was used to being told that I was exceptionally fit for my age.

The doctors said that treatment was not appropriate in my case as early intervention as opposed to later treatment had shown no patient benefit and that the side effects of the available treatments would seriously impact on the quality of my life.

After discussing it with my wife I decided to break the news to family and friends as this would explain why I needed to have hospital appointments every 8 weeks for blood tests. These would enable the consultant to monitor the progress of the disease. The intervals between appointments grew steadily longer and by 2015 had grown to 26 weeks as I had gone into a state of spontaneous remission.

I was invited to participate in the pilot trial of the Stepping Out cancer rehabilitation referral scheme and discovered to my dismay that my general state of fitness had fallen since my initial diagnoses. My weight had increased, and I was starting to get flabby. The weekly circuit training soon had me shedding the excess pounds whilst gaining extra muscle. As my general fitness improved I found new energy and the bending and stretching movements improved my balance, coordination and flexibility. I was so impressed with the results that I began exercising at home and this has resulted in a quantifiable improvement that I am determined to maintain.

With best wishes and many thanks