The Cancer Journey: Positive Steps to help Yourself Heal; P Evans, P Noble & N Hull-Malham

I think this is a really useful book because it is written by cancer patients for cancer patients, it is warm and friendly and practical and easy to use. I love all the tips scattered amongst the pages some of which I’ve followed. Dr Pam Evans, one of the authors, is a medical researcher, so I feel fairly confident that the medical and technical info is correct and up-to-date but it is all presented in the same friendly style.

The book does lean heavily towards alternative diets, using maybe new-to-you (certainly to me) ingredients, some of which I’ve never heard of. And like so many books, it gives recipes which are supposed to be easy but are not if you don’t feel well enough to cook or have anyone to do it for you.

On the plus side, it gives copious information about why certain foods are good/bad for you so you can look it up and verify it for yourself. It lists fizzy drinks, coffee, meat, cheese and some oils as the 5 worst offender foods to eliminate from your diet – coffee coming up yet again as something perhaps Macmillan should be educating people about (rather than promoting)?

All in all I’m very impressed with The Cancer Journey and would like to see more info books using the same friendly and conversational tone.

The cancer journey book cover