I am delighted to inform you that my new book, Lifeshocks – And how to love them, will be out this June in hardcover. Much of it hit the page when I was almost immobilised by brain tumours last summer, but the one thing I could do was sit up in bed and write.
As a continual source of lifeshocks cancer inevitably features in this book, but it is not about cancer. It is about LIFE and how to be fully ALIVE in response to all the unexpected events that come our way. Or as my publisher at Hodder & Stoughton recently wrote,
Lifeshocks is a publishing event, revealing to the reading public a revolutionary school of therapy which categorises the shocks that threaten to derail our lives and shows how we can see them instead as invitations to live at our vibrant, creative best.
It drills down into the details of human experience – the pain, the habits of self-delusion, the grief and resentment to find the resilience, resourcefulness and wonder. It methodically unravels the specific lifeshock moments when what we perceive runs headlong into what is – and all the unforeseen awakenings these encounters have to offer. Groundbreaking.”
For a while, I called Lifeshocks the “book I was born to write”, but this implied that I would be done when it was done, which was enough to keep the last chapter at bay for some time! It is more accurate to say that this book is a distillation of the remarkable life-changing work I discovered nearly thirty years ago, some of which is truly unique and hitherto unpublished. It focuses on very current challenges that we face in the world and is told through deeply personal stories, especially my own.
As you may know, it is very challenging to make a book visible these days so I am asking for your help to put it on the map. The more pre-sales I can generate before it is published the more attention it will get when it comes out. Tempted as I am to disappear up the Amazon River at that point in time (my soul being on the page), I am proud of it and ready to stand in unbroken sunlight. As such, I am choosing the Amazon sales stream instead!
Yes, this would make a difference to my family and me, for which I will be sincerely grateful. However, I am confident it will make a real difference to its readers.