Would you like to help with an important study which aims to improve the way patients’ feedback is used to advance healthcare?

Researchers at the University of Southampton are developing an automated way of analysing the feedback comments patients write in health surveys, starting with the Cancer Patient Experience Survey. Currently these comments are analysed by hand by researchers and health staff, which takes several months and limits their impact.

Our approach is a form of artificial intelligence that can do this work within hours.  We are
making sure that it is developed in a partnership with patients, so that it truly represents the feedback comments as patients would like it to.
We are also creating an interactive website which will display the vast amount of information from patients’ comments in a digestible way, enabling healthcare professionals to see instantly where improvements are needed.

You can see therefore that patients are at the heart of our study and we need their input. Are you willing to join a small patient advisory group? The group will meet with the research team every 3 months to discuss the progress of the study and ensure it is in line with patients’ interests. You can join in via telephone or Skype if more convenient.

If you feel you could contribute, there are guidelines (terms of reference) for more information (which Living Tree has). If you would like to join, please contact Daria, the study manager, at D.M.Tkacz@soton.ac.uk .