Living Tree News 26
28th August 2020

Dear Living Tree members and friends,

Please email us at to let us know if you would like to join either or both of the Living Tree Zoom Drop-In sessions in September, and we will email you the link and password to enable you to participate. We will only send you the link if you request it.

For those who might like to have the opportunity to talk in a smaller group or even on a one to one basis, especially if you would like a private chat with someone, we do have the means to create break out rooms which you can join and return to the main meeting when you wish, just at the press of a button! If you ask the Zoom host, usually Vince, he can arrange that for you.

Here are the details of our September Living Tree meetings:

Friday 4th September 2-4pm

Our next ‘drop in’ Living Tree by Zoom meeting will take place on Friday 4th September from 2-4pm. Libby will be leading our art activity session.
The theme will be SHELLS. If you would like to take part in the creative process you will need, shells, pencils, paper and coloured pencils or watercolour paints.

Friday 18th September 2-4pm

The second ‘drop in’ Living Tree by Zoom meeting this month will be on Friday 18th September from 2-4pm. Sarah Cooper will be joining us and will encourage us to get creative with our imaginations and pens as she leads a creative writing session.

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Sherry is posting daily on The Living Tree Facebook page, with useful information and uplifting responses to the current situation.

From A Book of Words, an anthology of writing and artwork produced by members of The Living Tree.

It is with sadness that we have to say that Living Tree member Martyn Tiltman has passed away. He joined our Friday afternoon meetings from time to time last year and always seemed to enjoy our company, quietly chatting to members or ‘people watching’ as others busied about in their activities. Our condolences go out to his family.

A message about loving kindness and self-compassion – from our regular mindfulness teacher Sue Howse – is included in full at the end of this newsletter.
The trustees would like to extend the Telephone Support Service to include one to one, face to face contacts for anyone who feels they would like some company occasionally, especially those who may just be coming out of isolation/quarantine or who may be new to LT. These ‘meet ups’ would be socially distanced and outside for now to make them as safe as possible. If you would like to volunteer to be such a contact or would like to meet up with somebody from Living Tree, please email Rosemary with your phone number at or phone and leave a message on 07341 916976 with your name and phone number and we will get back to you.
A new advice line has been established because we are all relying much more on online technology to keep in touch (like ZOOM). It is available to provide support for people with IT and digital problems of all kinds. Some of their most popular topics are how to set up video to stay in contact with friends and family and how to get online for beginners. Telephone 01305 221000 (option 2).

The most up to date national information on COVID-19 is: and for health information
with Louise Wender. Worry Busting Zoom session on the first Friday of the month. Please email no later than Wednesday 5th to let me know that you want to join, and so that I can send you the Zoom link.
I look forward to seeing you there, warmly, Louise.
Hopeful Hampers & Good Neighbours Transport. Good Neighbours are offering transport for LT members to Dorset County Hospital for essential appointments. Phone and leave a message on the Good Books answerphone 01308 420483 and someone will call you back.

Chris Edwards is making face masks for £5 with £1 donation going to The Weldmar Hospice. She has a range of fabrics and 2 sizes, M and L. The masks have a pocket to add a tissue creating a third removable layer. More fabrics are available if you contact Chris.

Postage, delivery or collection can all be arranged. If you would like to make an order please message Chris on Facebook:
Or email
A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who bought face masks from me and made donations, you have helped me raise £185-00 so far for The Weldmar Hospice. I will continue to make masks so if you need more in the future please don’t hesitate to contact me at My masks are also available at Busy Bee Florists at Kilmington farm shop, Thank you Ali Harris for selling them in your beautiful shop. I quite understand that there is a wonderful selection out there but for each one I make, £1 is donated to the Weldmar. My initial hope was to raise £200. I’m nearly there and I’m so grateful for your support. Stay safe, one and all, Love Chris.

Hello members, I have been raising money for The Living Tree through car boot sales for the past few years by selling plants etc. This year since May, as there are no car boots I have been selling plants from my front garden at 34 Salway Drive, Salwayash, DT6 5LD. Tel no 01308 488050.

These are well supported and are available 7 days a week, a variety mostly perennials and from my garden or from people who have donated plants for the cause If I am not around there is a system for payment.

This allows people to pop round at a time that is suitable for them. They can phone to check what is available or email with any queries. By September people are thinking of plants that may need dividing plants and moving on, if anyone is in this position and happy to donate for the cause I am willing to collect or when you visit these plant sales bring them along with a label and they can be sold, also any plant pots that’s you don’t need I am happy to receive too.

These sales have been very successful and hope to continue them next year so if not this year hope to see you next.

Happy Gardening, Joan.

With Jane Silver-Corren. Jane is running 3 singing sessions a week on Zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3.00pm. The sessions last one hour and are fun and light-hearted. If you are interested please email: and she will send you the Zoom link.


Our Support Line is open 7 days a week, call free between 8am to 8pm 0808 239 69 62
Our “new look” @macmillancancer Online Community is live, making it easier to get support from our community. Available 24/7, a safe place to connect to others living with cancer, visit Online Community
For guidance on Coronavirus:
Our telephone buddies scheme offers weekly calls, to find out more follow this link: or see the attached flyer
We will be launching a new emotional support counselling service in partnership with BUPA. The aim of the service is for people with cancer to be able to access up to six remote counselling sessions from BUPA, more information to follow soon
Don’t forget our free information:
If you have concerns about medical issues concerning your cancer or treatment Macmillan has a number of useful resources and virtual support Please note that any urgent issues should still be referred to your Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The Penny Brohn UK Centre provides online resources, including a series of free online classes from international leaders in health, wellbeing, psychology and lifestyle. They are also running a Helpline 0303 300 0118 and some 1:1 services. Contact

Please contact these groups directly to find out about other kinds of support available.

The next Living Tree CHARITY AUCTION will now be on 15 November 2020 at The Ropemakers in aid of Weldmar Hospice. For this event contact Roz Copson on 01308 422650 with items to donate.

It has been great to see so many of you at Stepping Out classes. Richard and Jo are running classes on Zoom on Monday and Friday mornings for Stepping Out participants. Please contact Jo on if you usually attend Stepping Out and haven’t already received the information about joining the classes. From September these classes may be live with social distancing measures in place.
Friday meetings always start with Tripudio, a daily 15 minute lymphatic and cardiovascular exercise regime which can be done in your home, patio or the smallest garden. Karen Forrester-Jones is also offering online 30 minute Tripudio Flow sessions via Zoom. If Living Tree members are interested contact Karen at for timings and links to the sessions.

There was good weather for the Cycle Challenge and the team have smashed their £500 target. You can still donate by clicking here:

In February we launched our new partnership with local complementary therapists with 10 therapists on our books and more in the pipeline. Members wishing to use these therapists through our partnership scheme were invited to apply for a therapist card which would entitle them to six sessions with a therapist of their choice from that list. Due to the current restrictions on our lives, only three of our therapists are able to offer their services to Living Tree members albeit not face to face, but by using email, telephone, or Zoom.

The three therapists are:
Dianne Dowling – coaching for living and working with cancer. Contact: 01460 220587 or
Sue Howse – mindfulness focused support.
Contact: 07741 018530 or email
Louise Wender – 1:1 counselling & group Worry-Busting Zooms Contact: 07786 035285 or email
If you feel you would like to use these therapists during this period via the Therapist Partnership please leave a message for Rita on the Living Tree phone 07341 916976 or email: If you would prefer to see these therapists privately and are able to self-fund your therapy then please contact them directly using the contact details above.


Like a mantra, constantly repeated, the term ‘social distancing’ greets us wherever we go now.

Last week, as I stood in the queue outside the fruit & veg market stall, I found myself reflecting on how easily we maintain social distance from ourselves, like the lovely quote I so often use on my courses: ‘Mr Duffy lived a short distance from his body’

At the market stall I was aware of growing agitation and stress joining the variety of worries and negative thoughts racing around my mind. This included a tightening and constriction in my chest and stomach, so I became more distanced and disconnected from the present moment, Then I noticed the smiles and greetings from the assistants serving, and the colours and textures of the fruit and vegetables. Almost immediately, my attention become more focussed on my senses. I was aware of exhaling a deep breath, my chest lightened, and my shallow breathing became much more relaxed .

In those moments of awareness I had a choice – a kinder choice – of how to respond to what could have been a stressful event in which the harsh inner task-master would have given me a hard time.

So, carrying my bags to the car, I heard a gentler, kinder inner voice saying ‘What do you need right now? How can you soothe and comfort yourself?’

Instead of rushing on to the next job on my list, I decided to walk around a local Nature Reserve, reflecting on how the market stall had been an informal mindfulness practice for me. By inviting myself to pause in the simple ordinary everyday task of shopping I had been able see things in a different way, with the ability to step back and observe.

Just being a little softer and easier with ourselves can make all the difference in coping with the everyday stresses of life.

Maybe each day, you could make your practice one of just noticing when you are socially distant from yourself, and then pause and ask ‘Where are my feet?’, and really feel them and the ground beneath you. Then focus your attention on a sensory experience, surrendering, with kindness, to what is here right now.

There is so little in this world that we can control ,with self-compassion an act of gratitude and generosity to yourself can be a choice.

The quotation below from Rumi is an invitation to us to open our hearts to ourselves.

Do make contact if that would be helpful for you. I do hope that maybe in the autumn we will be able to meet in small groups to practice together .

Much love


Very little grows on jagged rock

Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers

will come up where you are.

You’ve been stony for too many years.

Try something different.


– Rumi

Tel 07341 916976. Contact with any mailing list enquires/changes of address, ideas for events or items you would like to include in the next newsletter or on the website. Our newsletter is sent out at the end of each month.