Almost every member of our cancer support group has a story to tell about their diagnosis and treatment. Health care professionals do not always manage to tell us everything we would like to know about Life with Cancer. We may not know ourselves at the outset which things will be important; there can be an overwhelming and confusing amount of information available from different sources.

So our experiences have taught us that little (or even large) bits of information – given or received at the right time – might have saved us a lot of inconvenience, trouble, pain or worry.

We would like to pass on to other cancer patients and carers in the same or similar position what we have learned on our own cancer journeys. All we can say is that these things helped us as individuals. Because each cancer is different they may not work for another individual or be impractical or too costly. Still, they may be of use to some of you.


Please be aware that all the postings on these pages are accounts of our personal experience only. We do not hold relevant professional qualifications, and different courses of action are of course appropriate for different people whose particular situations will inevitably vary.

Therefore, before acting on any of the information contained in this section of the website, please consult your GP, consultant, hospital or cancer care nurse (as appropriate). We cannot be held responsible for any of the information given in this section of the website, or for the consequences of any user of this website acting on that information.