I always loved the reflections of the sky in the sea
and here I am, in bed, feeling rough
But in my minds eye the glittering sun on the water
is my motivation and my power to heal.
Watching the water day by day in my own world
is only mine to keep, whatever my physical state.

And never before did I know that the trees,
the fields and the beautiful butterflies on the flowers
Were such important features in my life.
I lie still, I bring the wonderful creations
Into my awareness, and shut out the pain.

I never knew just how much my memory
would be enhanced, brightly coloured, detailed and alive
As I lay there, attached to drips and hating even the taste
of the cool water brought to me fresh and clear twice a day
But the love of life is in there – somewhere –
it is there and it is mine.

Ros Cole
Written during Rosie Jackson’s Creative Writing session
The Living Tree, September 2013
[With many thanks to Rosie for running the session so empathically and to Jo for organising it.]