‘Here is a beginning’ was written by Jo O’Farrell.

This is what Jo has to say about her book

“Although I’ve been writing poetry for many years, I had no intention of publishing any of it until I attended a LYLAC (Live Your Life After Cancer) life coaching workshop in autumn 2014, organised by The Living Tree.

“Part of the workshop was to set goals to help us move forward and I decided that one of my goals would be to select and publish an anthology of my work as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. The Living Tree’s art exhibition in September 2015 gave me a date to work towards, and Here is a beginning was the result.

“The book contains 47 poems, half of them written before my diagnosis six and a half years ago, and the rest written since. Writing is the way I express my feelings best so it has been cathartic for me to write about my cancer journey in this way. I hope readers may find something in my poems which speaks to them too.”

Jo O’Farrell 20/1/16

How to buy the book

The book is on sale via the Living Tree website. Just contact the Living Tree via the site’s contact form or ring

07341 916 976. Every copy sold will raise £5 for the Living Tree.