Under Cover of Darkness – How I blogged my way through mantle cell lymphoma

Margaret Cahill is an astrologer and publisher in the field of “body, mind and spirit” and her book is published by O Books, a well known publisher in the same field. Some people may consider their books offering New Age approaches to health and healing.

The book is basically the blog she wrote from Jan-October 2013. It covers the time from her diagnosis with mantle cell lymphoma, through treatment including stem cell transplant to remission, with some additional comments and material.

She writes well and I found much of her descriptions of her cancer journey and treatment very interesting, realistic and close to my own experiences – I had a stem cell transplant in 2014.

Under cover of darkness cover

I admire her honesty, courage and determination. But I feel many readers may find her constant references to astrology and other unusual/New Age spiritual paths off-putting and give up on the book.

Which is a shame as she shares many profound aspects of her cancer journey which others could find helpful.