If you are diagnosed with cancer – Read this book

If you have a friend or family member with cancer – Read this book.

If you Fear Cancer – Read this book.

If you only ever read 1 book about cancer, make it this one.

This book will change how you see cancer and how you see life.

It is a practical easy to read guide based on interviews with more than 16,000 cancer survivors.

After my cancer diagnosis when I believed there was no hope

My husband found Greg Andersons book Cancer -50 essential things.

He printed off some pages and ordered the book.

I hung onto the pages like a lifeline and when the book arrived read it from cover to cover . I re-read it through my biopsy and scans, I followed its advice

I challenged my assumptions about Cancer, I stopped awfulizing, I removed stress from my life.

I challenged fear, I looked at it dissected it and removed it. I visualised myself Cancer free, I practiced meditation and said innumerable affirmations.I embraced my spirituality. I talked with God everywhere.

I developed positivity and lived in the moment. I did not push those who love me away but enjoyed being with them. I shared my positivity with everyone I could. They shared theirs with me.

Once I started the radical treatment of Chemotherapy and radiotherapy I continued following the advice in this book. I researched other work by other people including Bernie Siegel and others who recognise the power of the mind and spirit over the body.

I found myself changing and changing for the better. Despite the cancer life was GOOD and I felt HAPPY.

Life has stayed good. I continue to live in the moment, I continue to avoid toxic stress I continue with positivity, I continue to develop my spirituality I continue to talk to GOD.

My treatment ended on November 3rd 2011.I have no symptoms or signs of cancer. I do not see Cancer as a certain death sentence yet I do not fear death.

If you or anyone you love has been diagnosed with cancer or has had cancer return, get a copy of Greg Andersons book. Open your mind and put your trust in God. No matter how long or short life may be, life can be GOOD.