Two lovers “spooning” fully dressed in a bare looking room: a bed, a radiator; that’s all.
The scene is dominated by drab, all permeating shades of brown; the woman’s red jumper the only promise of warmth.
It’s the late afternoon. The sun is struggling to light up the semi darkness.
Cars and lorries are thundering past the open window, unable to penetrate the lovers’ dreams.
You cannot help but wonder why they are here. Why dressed, why asleep? Are they on the run from something? Where are they running to? What are they running from?

You feel glad for them, for having this moment of respite, for being able to forget it all for a while. And what can be more soothing than lying in the protective arms of a loving man?
These two are no spring chickens. Yet they emanate the wish and the will to change. To start again, to try again, harder this time.
They look ready to get it right, to work on their love, to make it last.
To be happy and content.
To be.

Mecki Testroet

Poem inspired by other poems on the subject of God