I’m a trolley dolly
its wheels are my best friends
I trundle down the corridor
and stroll from end to end

I’m a trolley dolly
like twins who’ve just been hatched
with valves and clips, lumens and lines
we’re very much attached

The birth was quite traumatic
with cuts to set skin free
a Hickman line inserted
bonding my trolley and me

We always sleep together
it never leaves my side
such kindness and devotion
it fills us both with pride

My trolley feeds me daily
with stuff to keep me well
(that’s if it doesn’t kill me
and only time will tell!)

So I’m a trolley dolly
for three more days at least
then we’ll divorce and I’ll go home
from famine to a feast

J O’Farrell

April 2013

Poem based on a picture