FORTUNESWELL COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY SERVICE is offering a presentation on the subject of CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY AND LEG LYMPHOEDEMA on Wed 20th Nov between 2.30-4 pm at Dorchester Community Church, Liscombe Street, Poundbury as part of a BUTTERFLIES Cancer Support Meeting.

All cancer patients and carers welcome

Info from: Abigail Langstone-Wring, Fortuneswell Complementary Practitioner/Clinical Reflexologist  DCHFT  (Hon), tel 01305  784986,

Funded through the Fortuneswell Charity Trust, Abigail Langstone-Wring has been delivering Clinical Reflexology as part of DCHFT Cancer Services since 2014 and, with funding secured for the next five years, she is currently developing the DCHFT Fortuneswell Complementary Therapy Service keeping Clinical Reflexology at its core.
She is hoping to carry out some research in the near future and part of the protocol development includes a public and patient engagement event.
Lymphoedema of the legs can be such a distressing outcome from cancer treatment. It can inhibit mobility and affect Quality of Life in both male and female patients. DCHFT are hoping to establish if Clinical Reflexology may benefit this patient group.