The Tripudio Flow – making the right moves

DVD £12.00

Tripudio is a gentle yet energising movement and exercise system which can be done seated or standing, designed to exercise the whole lymphatic system. The Living Tree was introduced to it by Julia Williams, co-founder and trainer of Tripudio Movement Systems, a complementary therapist with many years experience in cancer care and support. One of our members has trained in the
Tripudio Flow and comes regularly to our Friday meetings to offer this 10 minute gentle exercise. It is also used as an integral part of the Stepping Out cancer rehab exercise programme offered at Bridport Leisure Centre. In December 2015, Julia produced a DVD to demonstrate the Tripudio Flow step by step. This can be used by individuals at home or in groups to help Tripudio become an integral part of people’s daily exercise routine. Copies are available at £12 from The Living Tree, with £2 from each copy sold going to The Living Tree funds.