The Living Tree owns a number of cancer related factual books (including cookbooks), leaflets, information booklets and novels. Please find below a list of the books, by author.

Our library is constantly added to. If there is a book you think is worth including into the library or you wish to borrow a book and can’t attend Friday afternoon meetings, please contact Jo; she’ll be pleased to help you.

List of books & other items available to borrow from the Living Tree library

The majority of books listed are about cancer and cancer-related issues.

  • (R) = review available
  • JM = on loan from Jo M; JoF = on loan from Jo O’F

Please find the full list by author below.

For the list sorted by category (Life Story, Nutrition / Cookery, Spiritual / Meditation, Poetry / Writing / Music, Young Person’s, Novel / Fiction, Info / Self-Help) click on: LT Book List_by Category_March 2017 to open a pdf file.

To view the book list by title please use this link: LT Book List_by Title_March 2017

Full List in alphabetical order by Author

Anderson, Greg: Cancer: 50 essential things to do; self-help

Barr, N: Getting off the Emotional Roller-coaster of Cancer: a toolbox for patients, survivors, family members and caregivers; self-help

Bartley, T: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer; JM; psych/self-help

Bays, Brandon: The Journey; self-help of general nature

Beliveau R (Prof) & Gingras, D (Dr): Foods to Fight Cancer; nutrition / cookery

Butland, Stephanie: Thrive, The Bah! Guide to Wellness after Cancer; self-help

Bellingham, Lynda: There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You; Life Story

Buxton, Nicholas (R): The Wilderness Within; meditation

Bernhard, Toni: How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness; Info / Self-Help

Castle, F & Greenough, J: Topic of Cancer – a supportive guide…; self-help

Bourne, Nicola: The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer; Info / Self-Help

Boyle, Sue (ed): The Listening Walk, 40 poets from Bath Poetry Cafe Poetry; Writing / Music

Cahill, Margaret: Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged My Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma; Life Story

Chadwick, Rachael: 60 Postcards; Life Story

Coutts, Marion: The Iceberg; Life Story

Dalzell, Kim: Challenge Cancer and Win. Step by Step nutrition …; nutrition / cookery

Daniel, Rosy: The Cancer Prevention Book ;Info / Self-Help

Davies, Sally & Hollands, L: Contemplations – a spiritual journey…; spiritual

Devlin, Naomi: River Cottage Gluten-Free; nutrition / cookery

Djamgoz, M (Prof): Beat Cancer: The 10-step plan to overcome & prevent cancer; self-help

Downham, Jenny(R): Now is Good; novel for teenagers

Enders, Guilia: Gut; Info / Self-Help

Ereira, Loraine: Love and Wheatgrass; nutrition / cookery

Ericson, Penny: Chemo Cookery Club; nutrition / cookery

Evans, Dr. Pam: The Cancer Journey; Info / Self-Help

Feiler, Bruce: The Council of Dads

Forrest, Gillian & Garson, Sarah: Mummy’s Lump; Young Person’s

Freeman, Jane: How to Eat Well When You Have Cancer; nutrition / cookery

French, Wendy: Thinks Itself A Hawk; Poetry / Writing / Music

Galgut, C (PhD Psych): Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer; psychology

Garner, Helen: The Spare Room; novel

Gerson, Max: A Cancer Therapy – results of fifty cases; cancer care

Goggins, Aidan: The Sirt Food Diet; nutrition / cookery

Goodhart, F & Atkins, L: The Cancer Survivor’s Companion; cancer care/self-help

Graimes, Nicola: Green Drinks; nutrition / cookery

Green, John (R): The Fault in our Stars; for older teens

Greener, Mark: The Holistic Guide for Cancer Survivors; Self-help

Greger, Michael MD: How Not To Die; nutrition / cookery

Groopman, Jerome: The Anatomy of Hope: how people prevail in the face of illness. (2 copies)

Gross, Kate: Late Fragments: Everything I Want To Tell You…; Colon Cancer Life Story

Grosz, Stephen: The Examined Life: how we lose and find ourselves; psychology

Hallett, Annie: A Far Reaching Thing; Info / Self-Help

Hamilton, David R: It’s the Thought that Counts; Info / Self-Help

Hammond, Dr Phil: Staying Alive; Info / Self-Help

Harvey, Graham: We Want Real Food [sourcing local food – how and why]

Haven, The (publ): The Haven In Your Kitchen: Seasonal Recipes; nutrition / cookery

Haven, The (publ) (CD): The Haven at Home: supporting well-being after breast cancer; self-help (free copies available)

Haynes (publ.): CancerHaynes Owners Workshop Manual; self-help for men

Hesketh, Robin: Betrayed By Nature (The War On Cancer); Info / Self-Help

Holford, Patrick: Say No to Cancer (Drug-Free Prevention & Help To Fight]; Info / Self-Help

Humphreys, Nicola: Jack’s Diary; for children

Hutton, Deborah: What Can I do to Help? cancer care

Independent Age (lge print): Healthy, Happy & Connected; info booklet

Independent Age (lge print): Extra Help at Home; info booklet

Jackson, Rosie: The Glass Mother, A Memoir; Life Story

Johnson, George (R): The Cancer Chronicles: Unlocking medicine’s deepest mystery; science aspects & personal stories

Kalanithi, Paul (Dr): When Breath Becomes Air; Info / Self-Help

Katz, Rebecca: Clean Soups; nutrition / cookery

Keshtgor, Mohammed (Prof): The Beast Cancer; Cookbook, nutrition / cookery

Lymphoma Association: Wiggly’s World (Treatment A – Z); for children

Lymphoma Association: Young Person’s Guide to Lymphoma; for young people

Macbeth, Jessica: Moon Over Water; Poetry / Writing / Music

Macmillan UK: Recipes For People Affected By Cancer; nutrition / cookery

Macmillan UK: Cancer and Older People: getting answers & discussing needs

Marks, Isaac.M (Dr): Living With Fear, Understanding & Coping With Anxiety; Info / Self-Help

Marotta, Millie: Tropical Wonderland; Poetry / Writing / Music

Marsh, Henry (Dr): Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death & Brain Surgery; Life Story

Middleman-Whitney, Connor: Zest for Life; nutrition / cookery

Moorjani, Anita: Dying to be Me; personal story/near death experience (2 copies)

Mukherjee, S: The Emperor of all Maladies: a biography of cancer

Nagarsheth, Nimesh: Music and Cancer: a prescription for healing

Ness, Patrick: A Monster Calls; novel

Nicholls, Sally (R): Ways to Live Forever, Every Minute Counts. [young people – leukaemia]

O Farrell, Jo: This Is A Beginning; Poetry / Writing / Music

Olifent, Robert: Do You Want To Know What We Did To Beat Cancer; Info / Self-Help

Orchard, Anne: Their Cancer, Your Journey …; cancer care/carers: free copies avail.

Peat, Patricia: The Cancer Revolution; Info / Self-Help

Penny Brohn: Nourish: The Cancer Care Cookbook; nutrition / cookery

Penny Brohn: Penny Brohn – 7 Day Recipe Plan; nutrition / cookery

Phillips, Jenny: Eat To Outsmart Cancer ;nutrition / cookery

Pilkington, Pat: The Golden Thread; Life Story

Pugsley, Keith & Jilly: Do-It-Yourself Life Mechanics; Info / Self-Help

Plant, Jane (Prof): Your Life in their Hands; cancer care

Ramke, Annette: Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen; nutrition / cookery

Reader’s Digest: Foods that harm, Foods that Heal; A – Z Guide

Roberts, Emma: Even Though I Have Cancer; Spiritual / Meditation

Robinson, Jo: Eating on the Wild Side; nutrition / cookery

Roe, Mary: Food Intolerance Solutions; nutrition / cookery

Rosen, Michael (R): Michael Rosen’s Sad Book (illust. Quentin Blake); grieving

Ross, Carol (ed): Words for Wellbeing. Using creative writing …; writing

Royal Marsden: The Royal Marsden Cookbook; nutrition / cookery

Sabbage, Sophie: The Cancer Whisperer; Life Story

Servan-Schreiber, David (Dr): Anti Cancer: a new way of life; self-help

Shaw, Clare (PhD nutr) (R): Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook – recipes during and after cancer.

Sikorta, Karol: The Streetwise Patients Guide To Surviving Cancer; Info / Self-Help

Skloot, Rebecca: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Life Story

Sprengel, J (Dr): Chemo Companion, Pocket guide; Info / Self-Help

Thompson, Kathleen (Dr): From Both Ends of the Stethoscope. Getting thro breast cancer by a Dr; Life Story

Thomas, Robert (Prof): Lifestyle and Cancer – the facts; self-help

Tresidder, Andrew: I’m Fine (learning to unblock your emotions); Info / Self-Help

Varley, Susan: Badger’s Parting Gift; for children (bereavement)

Walker, Tiggy & West, Bella: Unplanned Journey; Life Story

Warde & Zabilowicz: The Living Well With Cancer Cookbook; nutrition / cookery

Warner, Felicity: A Safe Journey Home; Spiritual / Meditation

Warner, Felicity: The Soul Midwive’s Handbook; Spiritual / Meditation

Whitaker, Agnes (ed): All in the End is Harvest; Poetry / Writing / Music

Williams, Sian: Rise – Surviving And Thriving After Cancer; Info / Self-Help

Williams M & Penman D: Mindfulness – a practical guide to finding peace…; JM; psychology/self-help

Wilson, Anthony: Love For Now;Life Story

Wilson, Anthony: Riddance; Poetry / Writing / Music

Woollams, Chris: Everything You Need to Know to Help You Beat Cancer; Info / Self-Help

Young, Robert O & Young, Shelly Redford: The pH Miracle; nutrition / cookery