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We keep in touch with clinical nurse specialists, local cancer-specific support groups and a wide range of complementary therapists and mind/body/spirit practitioners.

By using the menu at the top of the page you can access details of local groups, hospital transport and further resources and links.

We are building up a library of relevant books and hold a wide range of Macmillan Cancer Support leaflets. We have reviewed a number of the books in our library.

Posts & Articles

Events in July and August 2013

Friday 26th July – 2pm Carol Mattingley, local artist & author of “The Fisherman: Hidden Depths”, the story of her son’s leukemia journey, will join us. Fridays in August – we plan to meet as usual for anyone who is around for informal chat, sharing and planning....

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Events in June 2013

Tuesday 4th June – 9.45am-12.30pm Moving into Stillness workshop with Sue Hopkins at Fiona’s home. Friday 7th June – 2pm Paula Bond, Macmillan Involvement Coordinator for our area who advised and supported us in setting up the Living Tree. Friday 14th June – 2pm Karen...

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God is Good. But what Good is that to Me?

Having been contracted into the church, it proceeded to work on moulding me, shaping me in the image that the men of the church considered the one to aspire to. My opinions in the matter were of no interest to anyone. Not even me. I was uncritical. I believed whatever...

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Two lovers “spooning” fully dressed in a bare looking room: a bed, a radiator; that’s all. The scene is dominated by drab, all permeating shades of brown; the woman’s red jumper the only promise of warmth. It’s the late afternoon. The sun is struggling to light up the...

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Events in May 2013

Friday 3rd May – 2pm Making flower pendants with Cath Coffin. Friday 10th May – 2pm Eileen Dearden, artist/calligrapher will help us make a decorated initial. Philippa Grier will offer gentle foot massage again. Friday 17th May – 2pm Dr David Evans, Chair of...

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Another trolley song

I’m a trolley dolly its wheels are my best friends I trundle down the corridor and stroll from end to end I’m a trolley dolly like twins who’ve just been hatched with valves and clips, lumens and lines we’re very much attached The birth was quite traumatic with cuts...

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Liz Baines

On Friday March 22nd Living Tree welcomed Liz Baines, Lead Nurse, Complementary Health Service (complementary and arts therapies)  at the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust. Unfortunately David Morton, assistant Director for central area of Weldmar was unable to attend but...

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Events in April 2013

Friday 5th April – 2pm Pat McEvoy (post-cancer) to share with us her visit to Solomon Islands & founding a charity for girls’ education there, whilst we do some more work on our Living Tree. Approx 3.30pm Sue Hopkins, gentle stretch/relaxation. Friday 12th April –...

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